In the name of Allah, the Gracious, the Merciful. Once the Prophet Muhammad – peace be upon him- stood on a mountain and raised his voice calling the people of Quraish to a meeting. When they assembled the prophet said: “If I am to tell you that an army is approaching to invade you from behind this mountain, would you believe me?” They all said in one voice: “Yes.” Then the Prophet said: “Then I am warning you from a severe punishment”. Abu Lahab then said: “Is this why you assembled us? Let you be ruined”. Then this chapter was revealed.

1. Condemned are the hands of Abee Lahab, and he is condemned.

Let the hands of Abu Lahab be ruined, condemned and let his deeds be vanished and avail him no benefit. And indeed, it happened and he is actually condemned. (Abu Lahab was one of Prophet’s uncles, and his name was Abdul Uzza son of Abdul Muttalib. “Abu Lahab” means the one with Flames, and was named so because his face was illuminating like flames. He was a fierce enemy of Islam and tried all the time to stop the spread of Islam.

2. His wealth did not avail him, nor did what he acquired.

His wealth and numerous children can avail him nothing in the world hereafter when he faces punishment from Allah.

3. He will burn in a Flaming Fire.

He will be burned in a flaming fire

4. And his wife—the firewood carrier.

His wife -Umm Jamil- was actively supporting her husband in plotting against Islam and inflicting harm to the Prophet Muhammad. She used to place thorns in the way of the Prophet. As she assisted her husband in anti-Islamic activities, in the world hereafter she will participate in punishing her husband in the hellfire by placing firewood and blazing the flame further.

5. Around her neck is a rope of thorns.

And she will also face severe punishment by wearing a necklace made of a rope of fire.

This chapter is a clear miracle. Since this chapter was revealed and both Abu Lahab and his wife came to know about their fate, none of them ever thought to accept Islam overtly or covertly, and thus proving this chapter false.