In the name of Allah, the Gracious, the Merciful.

1. When there comes Allah’s victory, and conquest.

When Islam starts to spread, and Allah blessed you with the victory over the people of Makkah who had expelled you from this city

2. And you see the people entering Allah’s religion in multitudes.

And you saw – O Muhammad – the people from Arab tribes and Yemen coming in groups to you accepting Islam and firmly believing in the manifest of this religion over all other religions

3. Then celebrate the praise of your Lord, and seek His forgiveness. He is the Accepter of Repentance.

At that time, be aware – O Muhammad – that My message has completed and your duty as a Messenger has ended, and now be prepared to come back to me, as the world hereafter is better for you than this world, and Allah will give you more and more until you are satisfied. So, engage in more devotion to me, for He loves those who repent and return to Allah. (and indeed, prophet Muhammad -peace be upon him- did devout more to worship Allah in his last days, and when the city of Makkah was opened, he performed eight rakat of prayer in praise of Allah. Also, he used to praise and glorify Allah at the time of Roku and Sojoud (prostration) following the commands in this chapter).