This page is evolving all the time. It is a reference for me, but no harm to make it public in case anything here interests you. This contains assorted list of bookmarks which I wanted to keep them saved for later use.

Adobe Illustrator

Here is an awsome series of YouTube tutorial on AI.


Here are some sites to get inspiration of designs. Search for keywords like “magazine spread”

For fonts check fontsquirrel

Some good fonts to consider are: Roboto, Lust, Alex, Robot Slab,

Another good source of free fonts are here

Google search: typekit font pairing to see the good combinations of body (sans serif) and heading (serif).

To generate paragraphs of a given word count, you can always use lipsem.

For free images see freeimages, also pixels

For icons use iconfinder

Development Effectiveness

IFAD website has good introduction on the subject.

IFC has their AIMM system for Impact monitoring.


Social Dilemma on Netflix describes the ugly face of Artificial Intelligence when it is at the hands of bad guys.

Engineering of Consent

Great BBC Documentary titled “The Century of the Self” YouTube

numerical miracles of the Quran

Rashad Khalifa explains his findings.

examples of some the mathematical miracles.


In this Article we see the effect of Einstein theory on moral relativism.


A good search site to investigate books of tafsir and others Quranic sciences in Arabic.