Mr. Netanyahu!

With your ethnic cleansing in Gaza, don’t think you are making a dent in the morale of Gazans. Rather you are taking your Zionist country towards annihilation.

This war – if it is correct to call it a war - has exposed your ugly face to the world. You have combined sick qualities that are seldom found in one person. You are arrogant, a liar, a miser, a coward, and a parasite.

Your country was born out of the Zionist movement. Anyone who studies history carefully would realize that this movement is antisemitic and is intended to clean Europe from Jews and throw them away like garbage.

The scholars among the Jews know very well that God has decreed for Jews to be scattered in all corners of the Earth. Bringing them into one land is a harbinger of their destruction. You just hastened their nightmare to come true.

Israel’s army at its golden age - around 1967 - was weak, and you could achieve what you achieved because of the support from USA and the weakness of the Arab army. Today, your army - compared to 1967 - is much weaker in terms of morale and purpose despite being better equipped with lethal and sophisticated weaponry today. When it comes to armies, their morale is much more important than weaponry, and Hamas on October 7th has just proved that. A few infiltrators brought your military base near Gaza to its knees in just three hours!

Mr. Netanyahu!

To your bitter luck, You and your people are stuck in a country that has inherited a blessed land and a blessed Book (which is the Quran) that is abundant with prophecies of glorious victory against a parasite nation that will gather at the land of Palestine. Ask your Hasidic Jews, or indigenous Mizrahi Jews, and they will confirm similar prophecies from their scripture as well.

Your Zionist ancestors who started this parasite State in 1948 were and are European supremacists who erected an Apartheid state in South Africa and wanted to do the same in the blessed land of Palestine; the only difference is that in the latter case, they wanted to lure the useless Jews of Europe (which is a sentiment shared by both Nazis and Zionists ) and oust them by singing the music from the Bible of promised Land that flows with milk and honey.

The Zionist scheme, thus, has double racialism: one against the Jews, and the Other against the Arabs. At the heart of the Zionist movement is a Nietzschean philosophy of a supreme race playing by the Darwinian rulebook titled “survival for the fittest”. You have repeatedly branded Hamas as Nazis or even ISIS, but have you ever looked into the mirror and saw a striking similarity with Hitler or Mussolini?

Mr. Netanyahu!

I am sure the recent release of the American-Israeli mom and her daughter by Hamas has irritated you a lot! You have never wanted the hostages file to create another riot in Tel Aviv, and Hamas has just ignited that.

Sometimes, I feel the biblical Curse on Ham and Canaan by Noah has missed them and landed on you. Anything you touch these days turns into a dragon that eats you. At peacetime, you have been a successful salesman selling rotten tomatoes at a bargain price to the Western leaders. At war time, however, you started to lose friends one by one. The normalization project with your neighboring Arabs has just evaporated with the bomb you dropped at the Christian Baptist hospital. You added insult to injury when blaming it on Palestinians while they saw the bomb on live TV.

London - the city that witnessed Balfour’s promise to give you a nation - is witnessing these days the greatest protest in history against you. Remember that London and Washington will feel no hesitation to abandon you and your Zionist state when their own population continues to see Nazi holocaust against innocent children in Gaza on AlJazeera screens. Those politicians in democratic states can not go against their public opinion. Biden enjoyed the least popularity the moment he landed back in Washington. I am sure he hates the day when he hugged you upon landing at Tel Aviv. That probably washis death hug.

See now? Mr Netanyaho, what I meant by the Curse of Ham?

Even the poor McDonalds was not saved from your curse. The other day my 8-year-old boy who used to love it, willingly and happily abandoned McDonalds on the ground that it hugged you as did Biden. Even false claims - when it is against Israel - find a fertile ground these days, exactly the opposite of what you intended.

Mr. Netanyahu!

If history provides you any hints, don’t forget the years leading to the creation of Israel in the 1940s. Britain saw your ugly face and abandoned you when the thugs of Haganah and Irgun terrorized them and the Palestinians alike. Luckily, you found a friend in a new strong USA at that time, this time however, you may not have that option. Don’t forget that USA army, the army you are relying on, at its heydays, clung into helicopters and fled Vietnam, as it did more recently in Afghanistan. Your and your army’s best option these days is to secure an exit route - if that is even an option!

Mr. Netanyahu!

Going back to hostages, shall we talk about your army’s Hannibal Directive? For the uninitiated, it is the secret strategy of the IDF to kill any potential Israeli soldier before they get captured by enemy forces and use them as a card to pressure the release of Hamas prisoners. Has your army used this strategy on 7th October. Are you planning to use it during your intended ground invasion of Gaza?

Everyday you are proving to your own people in Israel, before the world, that you are closer to Nazi and Goliath, as Hamas is getting closer to David and Saul.

The other day I was watching a documentary on Israel in 1950s kidnapped the children of Yemenite Jews migrants and transferred them to Ashkenazi European Jews. If you showed fascist ugly face to fellow Jews from Yemen or Ethiopia, then what massacre we are witnessing every day against Gazan babies is well understood.

You have bombed hospitals, churches, mosques, schools, border crossings, and warehouses and scored 70% of your casualties among the children. At the age of live transmissions, your denials just fuel the hatred against Israel among all nations.

Mr. Netanyahu!

Your and your army wrongly landed on a land that has history and future. It was not a land without people as you imagined. It is a blessed land that turns rocks into bomb, and the women’s womb into a factory of soldiers. You will call them Hamas, but by now, the rational people in the West, before the Muslims know that you mean by Hamas all Palestinians, all Arabs and all Muslims. Any non-Jew indigenous people of Palestine is Hamas to you. So stop playing with words!

Mr. Netanyahu!

History did not start on 7th of October! It started on 1948 and before! These are too recent events to be forgotten by a nation that knows very details of what happened 1400 years back when the Jews in Medinah concocted conspiracies against Muslims. They even know the details of what will happen in the future. How can the Zionist population of a state that brought heterogeneous cultures from Russia, Yemen, Ethiopia, India, and Eastern Europe defeat the morale and resistance of a culture that knows is informed by history and aspired by future prophecies?

1948 is a very short period to forget what your army did to Palestinian villages, Palestinian beautiful orchards, and olive gardens. Your Knesset, the Peres Center for Peace, the entire Tel Aviv, the Ben Gurion Airport, and everything in between were lands of real people stolen from them, and their children are alive today awaiting the day when they would claim back their stolen property.

Mr. Netanyahu!

Amidst the sadness, I must thank you. Thank you for aligning the Muslim nation under one banner. Thank you for causing millions of Muslims to turn to the Quran and read the prophecies therein. Thank you for bringing Christians to join thousands of Muslims in rallies in the streets of London, Washington, Italy, South Africa, Colombia, Australia and everywhere. All of us are by now smart enough to apply the mathematical formula of multiplying anything you say by -1 to turn your lies into the opposite of your intended message.

Mr. Netanyahu!

Finally, I can very well understand why are you making wrong decisions? Why are you cursed and why anyone who hugs you gets the curse, like a mysterious contagious disease. Any sensible person would know that you are the oppressor and a wrong doer. Allah said in chapter 14:27 of the Quran, that He leads the oppressor to wonder in stray. Moreover, Allah said 11:18 that His curse is upon the oppressor, also, Allah said in 10 different locations in the Quran that He never guides the one who is a wrongdoer.

I leave the rest to Allah, and sit back - with a bucket of popcorn - and watch the plot of Allah unfolding against you and watch how you move stray, hit the wall, and wander the other director only to hit another wall reminiscent to the Biblical narration of Children of Israel wandering in the wilderness.


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