The Hadith of Prophet Muhammad -peace be upon him- goes as follows.

You will never be able to win the people through money, so win their heart through good behavior.

The West teaches us that man is a Capital Man and his main objective is to maximize money. Man is by default selfish and his objective is to maximize his/her utility in this world.

Islam brings paradigm shift in this view and unearths the deep rooted social trait in human being. Under this view, man wants to maximize happiness and well-being, not money and utility. Man gets internal satisfaction of helping others more than he gets when getting money.

Under capitalism, you are crazy if you do not act selfishly and try to trick others to get their money into your own pocket. Moral and social dimension is almost zero under dark capitalism. Inequality is a very natural fruit under such an ill system. Capitalism has worked for an enough period to reveal its ugly face to everybody. Its elders realized it and tried to made some cosmetic changes here and there to check the angry public. Today you have Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) that has social dimensions which were not very visible in the previous Millennium Development Goals (MDGs). However, such cosmetic changes will not solve the problem, unless the very system is overhauled where proper distribution of money is guaranteed.

A rich politician -like Trump- can buy votes through money, but not necessarily the love of subjects. Those supporters might turn tomorrow to someone who is willing to pay more. However, the support a person gets through moral means are sustainable and deep rooted, and very unlikely to change over time.

When moral and social approach is married with convincing and superior ideology, then those who purchase these ideology are the most powerful force to bring change in society. Here I am talking about the early Muslim society that spread from Arabia. Prophet Muhammad and his companions were never rich politicians attempting to win hearts and minds through money. They had a superior ideology and they sold it through super human behavior and moral characters. Whichever new land they visited, the local population permanently converted into Islam willingly and they never wanted to revert back to any other ideology. Think of the Middle East countries for example, which embraced Islam very early days and never chose to convert into any other religion brought by later colonial powers.

Contrast that with the capitalist mindset of the European colonial power when they went to Latin-America, Africa, India and Far East. They plundered local resources to enrich the coffers of their masters in England, Spain, Portugal, France and Netherlands. The British were never able to convince Indian Muslims (or even Hindus) to convert into Christianity through money.

As time passes, Capitalism as operated by neoliberal democratic ideology will eventually die out and give way to better system. Humanity may try different (more social) approach, but they will never find any solution better than what the Creator of Humankind already defined: ISLAM.