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We often hear the denial rhetoric associated with Satan and witchcraft in the European and Western mindset. For example, Salem witch trial in 1692 has been a famous incidence in the collective memory of American citizens.

Witches were thought to have allegiance to Satan who in turn can offer supernatural power to the witch. Sure enough, Hollywood found it a lucrative topic to bring interesting stories with stunning visual effects. Take for example: The Last Witch Hunter 2015

As Europe woke up from darkness of medieval ignorance, the 'Enlightened' usually deny witchcraft as irrational and superstitious. Part of the straight rejection came from the over-allergy towards anything that Catholic Church espoused. Four of five witch suspect during this Church led witch hunting craze were females. Anti-misogynistic proposition of secular Europe also contributed towards wholesale denial of the entire witchcraft or Satanic alliance concept.

Some cultural residue still remains today, particularly during Halloween.

When, on Halloween, our outlandishly dressed children ring doorbells and announce "trick or treat", they are re-creating in a pale, innocuous way the fearful role attributed to charity-seekers at the time of the witch trials. Villagers believed that the beggar's trick, if refused her treat, might be to curse the household by means of witchcraft. [Klaits, p. 7]

Many Muslims might have followed blindly the 'Enlightened' Europeans and denied the existence of black magic, witchcraft and Satan. The consequence is that this denial actually entails denying lots of verses from the Quran and authentic traditions of Prophet Muhammad - upon whom is Allah's peace and blessings.

It must be noted that refuting the modern Secular stand on witchcraft does not entail supporting the Catholic approach or ideology towards witch hunting. As is the case in many matters, Islam always stands in the middle and promotes values founded on justice and rationality.

I will leave you here with a number of verses and let you ponder on their meaning and relevance to the topic at hand.

Refuge is sought against the "..the evil of malignant witchcraft" in [113:4] In Chapter 114, we seek refuge with the Lord of mankind from the sneaking whisperer (i.e., Satan) who whispers in the breast of mankind, and who are among Jinn and mankind.

In [6:112]

Thus have We appointed unto every prophet an adversary - devils of humankind and jinn who inspire in one another plausible discourse through guile.


Joseph Klaits, Servants of Satan: The Age of the Witch Hunts, Indiana University Press. 1985

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