waiting for SDGs

is it like waiting for Godot?

In a fine 3rd Feb 2020 morning, I attended a lecture by Prof. Jeffry Sachs on Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) and his pessimistic view on the progress made by countries and challenges which SDGs are facing given the increasing hostility towards multilateralism and the tilting of powerful states like USA... [Read More]

happiness without God

I was listening to a podcast where Richard Layard was giving a lecture at the London School of Economics about his book “Can we be happier”. I came to know that he is among the authors of the World Happiness Report along with Jeffrey Sachs and John F. Helliwell. [Read More]
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Privatization as anti-Human

The trend is clear. Elders of neoliberalism often force their anti-Human bitter pill to the developing nations sugar-coated-in false promises of job creation, efficiency, etc. When their commodity is an essential one, then the suffering of the poor knows no limit. [Read More]