Calculus, AI and the All-Knowing God

After many many years since sophomore years in the University, I opened a calculus textbook (Stewart’s book ‘Calculus: Early Transcendentals’, 8th edition). My freshman son is suffering in Calculus II, so out of curiosity I thought let me revisit and see what it has. Here I am recording some initial... [Read More]

Loving to Help Others

No religion or ideology is misunderstood today as is Islam. Media distortion and Islamophobia created a heavy curtain that made it very difficult for a person (especially in the West) to access authentic Islamic literature. In this post, I wanted to bring in a few Islamic contents (only one sample)... [Read More]

Are Grameen loans women friendly?

I believe the microfinance programs for rural women in Bangladesh and elsewhere are anti-poor and anti-women rather than pro-poor and pro-women. Muhammad Yunus loves to call it ‘social business,’ but they are in reality greedy business run by draconian loan-sharks. The word ‘social’ here is used for media consumption only.... [Read More]

Seeking knowledge in the age of Internet

In this article, I do not attempt to evaluate the social media’s impact on our social life or how it affected the way we communicate, or what health and psychological threats these media pose to the mankind. These are no doubt big tickets, but they are not my subject of... [Read More]