Historical image of Islam in the West

Posted by Abdulbaqi on Mon 23 May 2016

Christians looked at Islam and its Prophet Muhammad with discontent and animosity from a very early stage. This relationship would continue till the last day. I could say this with confident because it has been said by the Quran.

Read [2:120]

And never will the Jews or the Christians approve of you until you follow their religion.

Historically, following battles left a memorable injury in the mindset of the European Christians.

  • 1453 - Constantinople had fallen
  • 1521 - Belgrade had fallen
  • 1526 - King Louis II of Hungary and Bohemia was killed at the Battle of Mohacs, along with 16,000 soldiers.
  • 1529 - Siege of Vienna by the Ottomans
  • 1565 - besiege of Malta

A reader of Western literature's portrait of Prophet Muhammad would see following evolution as mentioned in (Quinn p. 24)

  1. Prophet as Antichrist and heretic
  2. Prophet as fallen Christian, corrupt monk or Arab Lucifer
  3. Prophet as sexual deviant, polygamist and charlatan
  4. Prophet as wise Easterner

Rudyard Kipling described British colonial subjects -where Muslim no doubt were a major population - as "lesser breeds outside the law".

Among early derogatory terms used to describe Islam and Muslims were Ishmaelites and Hagarenes referring to less-favored son of Abraham (from the Egyptian slave girl Hagar) according to the corrupted bible statement in Genesis 16:12 "He shall be a wild ass of a man, with his hand against everyone, and everyone's hand against him".

Given this old traditions, Donald Trump is just a small ring in a long chain that is meant to extend till the end of times, where grand battles are supposed to be witnessed on the lands surrounding today's Palestine and Syria.


Fredrick Quinn, "The Sum of All Heresies: The Image of Islam in Western Thought". Oxford University Press. 2008

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