Al-Ahad is the One

Posted by Abdulbaqi on Wed 25 December 2013

Here is an Arabic word that was twisted by Muslim Mutajilites theologians to create confusion and lead to the opposite of which it was intended to serve: Al-Ahad and Al-Wahid.

This means One as is mentioned in sura Qul Howa Allahu Ahad.

Allah in the Quran used this word to refer to Himself being the One who has no resemblance and the One who has no two of its kind. Allah is a single entity who enjoys most beautiful of qualities, attributes and actions.

Now here comes the crazy part!

The so called Muslim theologians influenced by Greek philosophy played tricks with the term "One". They invented new meaning saying that the "one" can not be divided and can not be broken into distinguishable parts, and no attributes could fit into the ONE. The net result: VOID. And indeed, the One Allah which results from their definition is a theoretical ONE void of any attributes or parts. He does not hear, had no hands, never moves, loves no one, is not merciful, etc.

On such theology thousands were raised and died, and even states and governments were built on such theology, like the state of "Al-Muwahhedoun" established by Ibn Tomart.

Such a theology was promoted by-force and scholars were persecuted on not adhering to it like what happened to Imam Ahmed Ibn Hanbal. Imam Ahmed used a very simple analogy. If I have one palm tree in my garden, will I be wrong to call it ONE tree knowing that it has lots of compound parts: truck, root, leaves, fruits, etc.?

Golden rule: Keep it simple. Ask your grandma of the meaning of any words among the attributes of Allah which those Mutajilites spent ages in researching their meaning. And worship Allah with the understanding of your grandma. :-)

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