I am a Bangladeshi citizen living in Saudi Arabia. I hold a PhD in computer science from Leeds University, UK.

My thesis was about text mining the Quran. That means, over years I have accumulated experience and knowledge on topics such as: Arabic, Linguistics, Islam, Quran, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Corpus Linguistics, to name few.

Then, I started a job in the field of Business Intelligence, mainly working in the space of SAP Business Warehouse and Business Objects. Recently, I moved into the world of Statistics looking into Macroeconomic datasets and building visualizations trying to explore data and discover interesting insights from tons of seemingly unrelated information. Hence, to the previously mentioned skillsets, please add things like: Data Science, Macroeconomics and Data Visualizations. My favorite tools to play with are languages like Python, R and JavaScript visualization packages.

In my free time I love to read history and contemplate what lessons it can offer to our contemporary times.

So, in this blog you can encounter posts covering any of the above topics and more.