The trend is clear. Elders of neoliberalism often force their anti-Human bitter pill to the developing nations sugar-coated-in false promises of job creation, efficiency, etc. When their commodity is an essential one, then the suffering of the poor knows no limit.

In 1999 the World Bank agreed to extend aid to Bolivia only if the Government allowed to privatize drinking water service to the San Francisco based company Bechtel.

The first thing Bechtel did was to increase the price by 50%, causing extreme inconvenience to the population. People would need approval to use their wells or water tanks in their roofs. Of course, puppet governments will stand by the side of Bechtel.

Good that people stood courageous in front of these sharks. A 17-year-old boy among the protesters died and hundreds wounded. Thanks to excellent leadership by anti-water privatization protesters, the Government was eventually forced to cancel the privatization deal.

Not all societies are lucky enough to stand firm in front of this bitter pill of the World Bank. This evil trio of 1) corrupted Governments, 2) the Bretten Wood institutions, and 3) the multinational corporations have created a troubled world where inequality and gap between the rich and poor are increasing.

I think the world would be much pleased if humanity resorted to some of the teachings of Islam. Here is a hadith (saying of the Prophet Muhammad).

People have equal rights on three: water, animal fodder, and fire. Asking price for them is illegal.

This hadith means that these God gifted natural resources should be a public good because they are essential to all. If Oxygen were not so ubiquitous, the above evil trio would have privatized it.