1. Have you not considered how your Lord dealt with the People of the Elephant?

Have you seen O Muhammad what your Lord did to the great army which marched north from Yemen led by the commander on a giant elephant, and they intended to demolish the Kaaba (i.e., cuboid-shaped house of Allah in Makkah). Remember O people of Makkah that I have protected you not because you are better than those army, or that your religion of polytheism is better than the religion of that army (i.e., Christianity), rather I have protected you to preserve my House which I would later honor further by sending Muhammad as my last Prophet, who indeed would take birth from the Quraysh tribe of Makkah and in this very year that I destroyed this army.

2. Did He not make their plan go wrong?

Did Allah not made their plan go wrong and they could not achieve their goal for which they have planned so well and thought nobody could check them?

3. He sent against them swarms of birds.

Allah has ruined all their plans by sending to them swarms after swarms of birds and from all directions.

4. Throwing at them rocks of baked clay.

These birds were carrying with them solid rocks from backed clay and throwing them on the army.

5. Leaving them like chewed-up leaves.

The result was a complete demolition of this army as if they were like plant leaves eaten by cattle and thrown out as dung. Hence, thank Allah – O people of Makkah – for this great blessing of your Lord on you.